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PART 2: Back to Vancouver - surviving with a goal in mind.

Vancouver, Canada - April 26, 2010

I am taking an online course learning the basics of SLD Trados Studio translation software. It's the leading translation software in the world, and I will have access to it. The course is 99 dollars for three hours, and hopefully it will get me started. They said the course will cover all what's necessary to start translating and a solid base for their exam and certification. I have tried to play with the software myself, but I just can't get it going. Hopefully the course will help. If not, then I will have a solid base to practice and pick up translations in the future. Yes, this translation is the perfect thing to come at the right time, and at the same time it is a bit of a bad timing.. I wish I knew that I will need this software beforehand. I can do it manually, but I am afraid this might not be possible withing the given time frame. And I really do need this money. This would make my move possible. Then the teaching contract and I would be on my way to freedom. At least one step ahead and closer to South East Asia and it's blue waters, which I miss so much.
     Roatan Honduras
          Photo: West Bay Beach - Roatan, Honduras
I also posted a couple recent photos on my Photography Portfolio

Vancouver, Canada - April 25, 2010

I had some good news yesterday. I was given a translation job to do. At about 80,000 words it's a big job and I have only six weeks to finish it. It is a highly technical report related to data bases and Crystal Report, so there are many very specialized words in it. It will be a challenge, but the pay at the end will help me move forward and I have nothing else going on right now.
Speaking of which, I have been researching teaching English in China. I wrote a resume and a cover letter and posted them on the internet at a well known T.E.S.L. internet hub - Dave's ESL Cafe. I am already getting some responses, so T.E.S.L. might be my next step. I will have to choose a couple of schools and follow up on it. It seems like the pay is not that great at times, but considering the free accommodation and great but cheap food in China, it might be not that bad of a deal at all. I have never been to China and I am looking forward to traveling there. A year of teaching would make me acquainted with this huge and diverse country, so I will definitely go for it. I just have to sort things out and choose when.
There is still another option - it would be more fun than work, but an investment and something I want to do. I have been thinking about upgrading my diving certifications. The next step would be a dive master. There is one lady who comes to the same coffee shop where I usually go. I've heard that she has a diving shop in Roatan, Honduras. Apparently she is looking for people to work there during the season, so I am hoping to meet and have a chat about it. I know that dive shops let people take courses in exchange for work, so maybe I could also work something out with her. I have been to Roatan before and it's a beautiful place. A part of the Bay Islands on the Caribbean Sea, with pristine crysta clear water. It's tropical and just the way I like it.
So, I have a few options on my plate. I was going to sort the antiques out and have them ready for sale, but I am finding it to be an almost an impossible task. I really need my own store and space to be able to do that, so I will have to keep on paying the rent and hoping that the few things I picked so far will sell. I have a really nice set of Japanese stamps and Japanese coins which I hand picked in Japan. They are a great collection, which can be yours !
The translation will keep me really busy and I will have little time to do anything else, so I am thinking about doing what I have done before - leaving Canada to stay somewhere cheaper and nicer. One option would be to go South, towards Honduras, and another one would be flying to Asia, somewhere close to China. I think Vietnam or Laos would be good. I will see if anything comes out of the diving in Honduras possibility. If I can make some arrangements, I will go South. If not - Asia.
Just in case someone reads this and has contacts for teaching English abroad, here are the links to my resume and the cover letter. Besides China, I'd also love to go to the Middle East!
My T.E.S.L. Resume
My T.E.S.L. Cover Letter

My life has always been about freedom and I shall continue to walk this path.
Safe travels ! ........... Stan


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