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PART 3: Back on the road - South East Asia.

Seattle, USA - May 12, 2010

11:07. Deja Vu. I am at the Online Cafe in Seattle on 1st Street - my old hangout for getting online.
So, I made it ! Actually, this was one of the smoothest border crossings I have ever had. The trip continues, and I am with my backpack and a bag again. I think the hardest thing will be to keep myself disciplined. The rest is just adventure.


Vancouver, Canada - May 12, 2010

5:52 AM. I am at the Terminal Station on Main Street in Vancouver. The bus just left and I am heading towards the US border, to Seattle. Hopefully it will be smooth, as I know they can give problems like the last time, and for no reason.
My plans have changed yet again at the very last minute. This is what happens when you travel ! I was going to purchase a ticket to fly to Yukatan, Mexico, but I found a good price for a direct flight to Bangkok, Thailand, and I bought it. At 655 US dollars it is not a bad deal (a one way ticket). I will be flying to Bangkok from Seattle in the 19 th of May, at 2 AM.
The plan is to translate as much as possible before I arrive in Asia, and then find a quite place with internet there and finish it. The deadline is June 15 th, so I still have some time, but with so much to do and this is not an easy text, I feel pressured.
After dealing with the translation I will travel around Thailand for a month, and then when I get paid I will go to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for about two months. Hopefully by then I will have a school in China where I will teach English, which I am intending to do for six months to a year. Then - we'll see...., but I would definitely spend a few months in China. It's such a big diverse country with so much to see.
So, the adventure begins. Or rather continues. I am glad to be sitting on a bus again. Comparing it to 2007 when I set off to Mexico and South America, I must say I feel a little bit different now. Dealing with Vancouver the past few months affected me again, in a bad way. I ama also a bit torn between being excited about going to Asia, new countries and cultures, and missing Latin America. There are some Mexicans sitting on the bus behind me, and hearing them speak Spanish makes me feel at home. Since I spent many years in Asia, I used to feel like I belong there, but now going there after so many years, and getting used to the Spanish speaking world and their cultures, I don't know where my heart is. So maybe this trip is about discovering something new and reflecting.
This trip is also a bit different since I don't have the money that I had before. I am bringing my work with me, and I have been lucky to have this translation to do. I am hoping that I will have more jobs like this in the future. It would give me the freedom which I need. I could travel while making money on the road, and be independent at the same time. And soon I will have my office by the beach in Thailand - it can't get better than that !
Well... I guess what's left is to ask you to wish me luck. My camera started acting strange for no reason just two days ago. That's not a good beginning for a photographer, so I am hoping all the bad things just have been taken care of at the beginning and the rest will be smooth. Still, I will have to deal with it, and it will cost extra money... Nikon has a good reputation as being the top camera equipment maker in the world, but I had a really bad experience with this camera. This is already the second time it breaks down in a year. Unfortunately, they sold me a lemon.

My life has always been about freedom and I shall continue to walk this path.
Safe travels ! ........... Stan


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